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Was developed in 2008, providing an ultimate range of products to ensure superior performance, quality and a price to match.

All employees are accredited Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors and Foundation Fitness/Lifestyle Coaches and Masseurs. We have two training studios catering for one on one training sessions and also group training sessions. We have a great mix of both male and female trainers. So as you can see Bodyworks Training Studios has developed the complete in house programme with the key to unlock all possibilities, the rest is up to the individual, you want results we will provide all the tools to do so.

Antony Romeo (Proprietor)

Graduating with a diploma in Foundation Fitness, Gym Instruction & Personal Training, Antony has spent over 35 years within the fitness industry, Training countless clients, he has become the ultimate mentor for anyone hoping to achieve great results for their body, Whether the goal is weight loss, rehabilitation, muscle-building or sport-specific strength, fitness training & specialising in exercise tuition. Antony excels in designing nutrition, exercise & supplement plans for anyone wanting to improve how they look and feel - people who want to see the hard-earned results of their training. His advice comes from years of experience of helping individuals of all ages & body types, and is always on call for any clients wanting immediate guidance.


Personal Training - Weight Loss - Counselling - Group Fitness Instructor - Business Management - Nutritional advice - Motivational Speaker - Exercise Rehabilitation


Diploma in Foundation Fitness - Gym Instructor - Personal Trainer - Lifestyle Coach - Senior First Aid - (Renouf Fitness Academy)

Adrienne (Manager)

Graduating in Cert III Gym Instructor, Cert IV Master Personal Trainer, Cert IV Massage Therapy and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. Adrienne is the female health & fitness professional at Bodyworks. She has been in the industry for many years. Over the years she has guided herself as well as others into a unique way of motivating & inspiring people of all shapes & sizes. When Adrienne trains someone & herself, she devotes herself 100% to make sure the desired goals like weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, toning etc are met. Devoted her life to health & fitness, changing people's lives & to be the best that she can be. She is so passionate about fitness that her work is her hobby & she enjoys nothing more than seeing people reach their goals & transform their lives. Adrienne has the inner strength that gravitates clients that lack self esteem and self confidence, She has the ability to find the true you & bring the best in you out. She will push you to your limits in a firm but caring way.  When you have Adrienne on your side you have her 24/7 not just at your training session. Adrienne believes becoming a healthier version of yourself is an emotional, mental as well as physical journey.



Personal Training - Weight Loss - Counselling - Business Management - Nutritional advice - Group Fitness - Triathlons - Massage Therapy - Exercise Rehabilitation



Cert III Gym Instructor - Cert IV Fitness - Cert Master Trainer - Senior First Aid - Cert IV Massage Therapy - Infant Massage Instructor (Australia Institute of Fitness Pty Ltd)






One on One training session in our private training studios. Learn correct technique and a different style of training from trainers with over 30 years experience.


Ladies come and join our Group PT Sessions.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6am to 7am

Cardio, Weight training, Circuits, Abs, Glutes


Full body workouts in a fun but hardworking

group of ladies of all ages and fitness levels.


Learn how to throw a punch and protect yourself correctly.  Learn correct technique while building your fitness and burn fat while having fun. Train with a friend or by yourself.  It is your session.



Neuro Boxing session for Parkinson's clients.

Stimulate the brain to allow your thought


process to find new channels. Boxing has


been proven to slow the Parkinson's


symptoms down.  Sing to the music, be


amongst a great group of people and have


some fun with us while reaping the benefits.


NDIS and Silverchain approved




The benefits of weight training as we age is massive. Not only helps your bone density but it helps the muscles support the bones, allowing you the strength to live a better quality of life as we age. Exercise's are done to your ability and fitness level.

Class also includes a full body stretch.



ladies if your are dealing with headaches, muscle pain, knots, holding tension in your shoulders or just need your muscles relaxed book in for an appointment. 

Sports Massage - Trigger Point - Relaxation Massage


I had been weight training for many years & at 39 years of age I decided to compete in a body building competition. I was introduced to Antony for some help & boy was I in for a surprise. This guy grabbed hold of me, changed my diet, dragged me into the gym & proceeded to get me in the best shape of my life. Antony was so motivated & positive you would have thought that it was him who was competing. I thought Iknew what I was doing but Antony opened my eyes & showed me what I could achieve with the right guidance. That was 2005 & I went on to come 2nd in that first competition. Since then I have continued my relationship with Antony & Bodyworks for all my supplements, training & competition preparation which has been instrumental in helping me win an Australian title and several state titles.  Don't think about it, don't say you can't do it, grab the bull by the horns & go for it - you will be surprised how good you will feel.

Steve (Tag)

When I first started training at the gym I was the heaviest I had ever been at around 135 - 140 kilos. I had just lost my job & I started to feel a bit depressed & felt that I was going no where. Then after looking in the mirror after a shower for 20 mins I decided to take action & signed up to my local gym.  I was training in the ym for about 7 months & felt no real change & started to lose all motivation. Then I met Antony, in just talking to him I knew I could achieve what felt all most impossible for me. With Antoony's guidance, constant support & motivation the fat was falling off me, it was easy & life has never been better. I love working out in the gym & being healthy. I couldn't go back to the way I was, its become a way of life for me & I have set my sights on becoming a PT because of the inspiration Ants has given to me. Thank you so much guys for everything.


So it began 14 months ago & my life has changed for nothing but the better. I have never been healthier & happier & it is all because of Bodyworks Mandurah. It is my second journey with the amazing Antony & Adrienne. This time with Adrienne training me & from what I have learnt with my eating & how to train. It has changed my life & now I am 16kg's lighter & can not stop smiling. Adrienne you have turned my life from dull to healthy & happy. I could not have done it without you. I still have a little way to go & I have set new goals. Can't wait to get 


It has taken me a lot of sweat & tears to get to where I am today.  Adrienne you are my PT / Food Coach / Therapist & great friend that I will have for life. You have taught me that sometimes I just need to toughen up. You made me realise I need to push my limits & have always been there for me no matter what. You see something in me that I never did & I am excited to see more results  next year as it is going to be my year. I can feel it. Thank you for caring enough to help me make a change. Antony you always said I need to find my happy place & I am so glad I have. It is at Bodyworks with you & Adrienne.


I have finally achieved my weight loss goals thanks to Bodyworks. Although I have always been pretty active I found myself slowly gaining weight. For a long time I would crash diet or milkshake diet, lose a few kilos then almost immediately put it back on again plus some.  Adrienne has not only been fantastic trainer, she has educated & guided me on how my body works & I began to understand how important it was to eat, & eat the right foods. She has always made herself available  & her motivation & clear passion for what she does rubs off on people instantly.  I am so grateful to be apart of the Bodyworks family. The group PT classes make for a great social & fun workout. The group all cheer each other on & the support makes reaching personal goals so much more enjoyable. So if you want a lifestyle change that sticks & a great team guiding you. Bodyworks is it. Thank you Adrienne for always going above & beyond.


Four year ago I was involved in a serious car accident, the injuries I received stopped me from doing any kind of strenuous exercise, as a result I got lazy & started comfort eating & piled on over 20 kilos. I used to walk past Bodyworks on a daily basis & on many occassions thought about taking the plunge & going in, but always seemed to talk myself out of it until my daughter persuaded me to go in for a look. I was greeted by Adrienne & asked her a few questions, before I knew it I was booked in for a body composition test with Antony. The reults of the test told me what I already knew, I was overweight & out of shape. That would change over the course of a year when Antony and Adrienne came up with a personal diet plan & training schedule. I cannot thank them both enough for what they have done for me in terms of sharing their knowledge and unusual training methods & techniques, encouragement & belief they gave me along the way. To date I have lost 25 kilos in weight & feel I have been given a new lease of life. I would not hesitate in recommending Antony & Adrienne to anyone who wants to change the way the look & feel or would just like some advice from, who I believe are the best in the health & fitness business.


Two years ago I wanted to lift my self esteem & focus on my body image because I was unhappy with my appearance. After having heard about Bodyworks & having met Antony & Adrienne it was clear this is where I was meant to be. Their advanced weight training techniques are second to none & through a positive attitude I learned the importance of nutrition & lean muscle building techniques. The guidance & motivation I receive from Bodyworks is outstanding & supportive. I have trained with Antony for 2 years now and his years of experience and is a great role model for me, he has inspired me to reach an elite level. These days I am very confidant, feel great & have a positive attitude about health & exercise & lifestyle. I highly recommend Bodyworks to anyone wanting to change their body image & health. Antony has shown me that hard work & determination pays off in the end, however patience & discipline plays a big part. Nothing come easy, but if you are willing to put the hard yards in then they will be willing to support you all the way. Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without you. Bigger & better things to come.



Unit 2 / 10 Hampton Street,

Greenfields WA 6210

08 9586 3444          0402 903 768

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