BCN's Rhodiola Advanced

Therapeutic levels of the adaptogenic herb, rhodiola rosea. Adaptogens helps your body adapt to stress by stabilising its hysiological stress response. If your stress response is hyperactive adaptogens lower it to normal levels. On the reverse side, if your body's stress response is hypo-active it increases it to normal, healthy levels. Rhodiola achieves this by nourishing & supporting the adrenal glands & normalising stress hormones, such as cortisol. Contains one of the world's highest quality sources of rhodiola rosea which has been investigated in scientifically studies. It contains therapeutic levels of the active ingredients in rhodiola & rosavins. BCN's Rhodiola. Reduce stress levels, fatigue & nervous tension, Promote vitality & stamina, Improve sleep.

BCN's Rhodiola Advanced


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