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C4 Extreme Energy - Pre Workout - expired end September but all good for consumption.

If you are ready to crush through your workout, maximise your strength & boost your energy, C4 Extreme Energy by has you covered. One of the hottest pre-workout products out there, you simply can not go wrong here. Loaded with powerful ingredients that will take any workout from good to spectacular in seconds. Use it on an everyday basis or save it for those days where you really need that extra push. Endless energy levels, Improved strength output, Superior muscle endurance, Greater ability to clear away lactic acid, thus reducing that burning sensation that forces you to quit our set one rep short, Improved resting metabolic rate to foster a higher level of fat burning in the body, Great focus & concentration.

C4 Extreme Energy - Pre Workout

$45.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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