Lit The F%#k Up  -  Liberty Labz


Is an extremely potent thermogenic and lipolytic agent capable of mitigating the damage of a few cheat meals and, when accompanied by a quality lifestyle, producing a ripped and shredded physique.


*  1,2,7-Trimethylxanthine increases metabolic rate and thermogenesis for maximum calorie burn

*  Green Tea Extract blunts carbohydrate absorption and enhances fat oxidation

*  Kanna Ease boosts mood and curbs the edge of dieting and daily stress

*  CapsiAtra reduces body fat deposition on the genetic level

*  6-Paradol activates fat-burning brown adipose tissue

Less body fat is desired by nearly everyone worldwide. Lit The F%#k Up is a powerful combination of fat incinerating ingredients that activate body fat loss from all angles.  By increasing caloric expenditure, releasing body fat from its storage sites, burning said body fat, and blocking the storage of any new fat introduced from the diet, there is no other option than to get lean.  Be the envy of the world, let Lit The F%#k Up chisel you down to your most shredded physique ever!


60 Caps - 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach as per containers instructions.

Lit The F%#K Up