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BCN's Rhodiola Advanced

BCN's Rhodiola Advanced (50% off Expires end November 2018)
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BCN's Rhodiola Advanced BCN's Rhodiola Advanced contains therapeutic levels of the adaptogenic herb, rhodiola rosea. Adaptogens helps your body adapt to stress by stabilising its physiological stress response. If your stress response is hyperactive (too high) adaptogens lower it to normal levels. On the reverse side, if your body's stress response is hypoactive (too low) it increases it to normal, healthy levels. Rhodiola achieves this by nourishing and supporting the adrenal glands (which are an important component of our body's stress response) and normalising stress hormones, such as cortisol. If you suffer from the following symptoms, BCN's Rhodiola Advanced may help: * I often feel run down / enhausted * My Mood is often flat * I lack the motivation and drive to domany things * I often find it difficult to complete everyday tasks * I have difficulty concentrating * My productivity has decreased * I need stimulants to get me going (e.g. caffeine, energy drinks, sugar) BCN's Rhodiola Advanced contains one of the world's highest quality sources of rhodiola rosea (sourced from the German company, Finzelberg), which has been investigated in scientifically studies. It contains therapeutic levels of the active ingredients in rhodiola known as salidroside (1 percent) and rosavins (4 percent). BCN's Rhodiola Advanced may help to: * Reduce stress levels * Promote vitality and stamina * Reduce stress-related fatigue * Improve sleep * Reduce nervous tension
BCN's Rhodiola Advanced (60 Caps) Each capsule contains (extract equivalent to dry): Rhodiola Rosea Root 800mg Standardised to Rosavins (2%) 4 mg Standardised to Salidroside (1%) 2 mg Directions Take 1 capsule, one to two times daily, preferably 30 minutes before breakfast and or lunch. During times of high mental or physical stress up to 3 capsules may be taken daily.

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