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Best Pre Workout - BPI

Best Pre Workout - bpi sports - Ketosis

Increase energy

Increase endurance

prevents muscle breakdown

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Best Pre Workout- bpi sports

Ketosis is a metabolic state many times referred to as the "fat burning" state caused by a low-carb or caloric-deficit diet. When you body enteres a state of ketosis, it utilizes stored fat as a primary source of energy for you, this means burning away fat as fuel. Best Pre Workout utilizes an exogenous blend of ketones that allows your body to enter the ketogenic state faster while providing energy boosting ingredients for heightened mental focus and energy, as well as increased strength and performance.

Best Pre Workout contains the endogenous ketone beta-hydroxybutrate (BHB) in sodium, magnesium, and potassium salt form. Ingestion of BHB has been shown to raise the levels of blood ketones (BHB and AcAc) for 2.5 - 3 hours after ingestion.

There is a substantial decrease for the need of oxygen intake after you consume the BHB salts. In fact, your ability to perform the very same workout routine may substantially increase based on this very premise. In essence a greater output for a lesser expenditure. In other words, imagine getting much greater mileage to the gallon. Well this is exactly just that. The science behind BEST PRE WORKOUT shows that you can consume less oxygen and perform at a greater level during this magical 2.5 - 3 hour window, not to mention an unrivaled sense of satiety (feeling of fullness). This translates into the BEST workout of your life.

Best of all, this new cutting edge technology allows the body to go from using glucose (sugar) as its primary fuel mechanism to burning fats instead.

Beta-Hydroxybutrate (BHB) (Calcium, sodium, magnesium as salt form) - is crucial in helping you save your hard earned muscle mass and not burning it away as fuel during workouts. By helping to maintain your blook sugar levels with BHB, your body is less likely to turn to muscle and glucose for energy during workouts and will instead turn to using cellular energy and ketone bodies produced form fatty acids. This is extremely important for when you are dieting and in a caloric deficit.

Caffeine Anhydrous - is seen to be a purer form of caffeine and much more effective and potent. It provides you with a long-lasting, extreme energy boost paired with enhanced focus and alertness. This intense boost of energy will allow you to train longer and harder in the gym than ever before to lead to greater strength, power and athletic performance. It can also provide increased fat oxidation leading to rock hard muscle gains.

CDP-Choline+ - has been shown in studies to help enhance mental focus, clarity and alertness.  When you are in the gym to make gains and progress, you want to be dialed in to your workout and not have your mind wondering. CDP-Choline will help you dial in with laster-like focus creating the ultimate mind-muscle connection.

Solanum Tuberosum - can help provide the body with more energy but supporting healthy glucose metabolism. As we workout we burn glucose as an energy source and Solanum Tuberosum can help manage this. This may help protect against weight gain as we are burning glucose and fat versus that muscele that you want to keep and build....not lose.

Taraxacum Officinale (Root) - plays a key role in treating water retention and bloat and can help encourage fat metabolization for energy.

Lycoris Radiata Extract (Bulb) - is a potent neurocognitive enhancement ingredient providing mental clarity and productivity.

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"As a chiropractor I have over the years worked with many athletes including Olympic competitors."

- Dr Brett BSc. MSc. (Chiropractor)

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