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Muscle Elements 212

212 Muscle Elements 

Effective weight loss supplement designed to step your game up with burning unwanted body fat and boosting energy

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Muscle Elements 212

Muslce Elements re wrote the manual of truly effective weight loss supplements with the release of 212. It is extremely effective and delivers rapid fat loss.

Increase energy to make it through your day, along with the enhanced focus and motivation that really makes 212 capsules stand apart from other fat burners on the market, plus even more fat burning, water-weight shedding, and calorie revealing the lean, ripped physique you have always wanted.

Caffeine (200mg) - a staple component of any fat loss formula, caffeine provides a strong boost in energy, mood, focus, and motivation, helping to combat the fatique and "brain drain"that accompanies dieting. Caffeine also offers several fat los benefits as it has been documented to enhance thermogenesis aid also reduces hunger and fatigue.

Phenylethlamine HCI (100mg) - acts as a central nervous system stimulant that increases production of several "happy hormones"including dopamine and serotonin. Phenylethylamine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier where it exerts a rapid and intense spike in mood and sense of well-being.

Hordenine HCI (75mg) - a naturally occurring MAO inhibitor found in a number of plants. Hordenine prolongs the "feel good"effects of phenylethylamine for sustained mood enhancement  and euphoria. This unique stimulant also may improve fat burning and metabolism due to its qualities as a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor.

L-Theanine (50mg) - an amino acid prevalent in green tea that is frequently supplemented for its relaxation inducing qualities. L-Theanine synergizes with caffeine to enhance cognitive facus effects of the stimulant, while also helping reduce the harsh"kick"many users feel from caffeine.

Synephrine HCI (31mg) - a powerful beta-2 adrenergic receptor against extensively studied for its fat loss and athletic performance benefits. One its own, synephrine has been shown to boost energy, thermogenesis, and caloric expenditure, and when combined with caffeine (as it is here), the effects of synerphrine are increase.

Green Coffee Extract (150mg) - unroasted coffee extract rich in chlorogenic acid, a phytochemical suggested in research to reduce blook sugar levels and potentially exert an anti-diabetic effect which supports fat loss. Chlorogenic acid exerts its fat-shredding benefits via upregulation of PPAR-Alpha, a nuclear receptor protein that governs the expression of genes in adipose tissue.

BioPerine (5mg) - prominent black pepper extract standardized for 95% piperine, the pungent alkaloid that gives black pepper its quintessential "bite". BioPerine has been well documented to improve the bioavailability of additional fat loss compounds in 212.

Dandelion Extract (200mg) - a well known ingredient for accelerating excess water removal. Dandelion Extract increases the frequency and volume of urination from the body helping flush that unsightly water from your abdominal section.

Juniper Berry (100mg) - has been used over the centuries in culinary as well as tradional medicine practices. Studies have shown that juniper is effective for ridding unwated water from the body due to its diuretic effects.

Uva Ursi (75mg) - also known as pine mat manzanita or kinnikinnick, uva ursi completes the water elimination trifecta of 212. This powerful pro-diuretic plant accelerates water excretion from the body helping decreased water-induced bloating.

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"As a chiropractor I have over the years worked with many athletes including Olympic competitors."

- Dr Brett BSc. MSc. (Chiropractor)

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