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Outbreak Reclaim

Outbreak Reclaim Thermogenic Compound
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Outbreak Reclaim is a multi faceted and highly effective therogenic compount that when taken ca raise the core temperature of the body. Resulting in increased lipolysis.  A breakdown of fatty tissue in the body. Asisting in a leaner, fitter and healthier body.

Outbreak Reclaim may aid in breaking down fatty tissue in the body through thernogenesis as well as assist with energy throughout the dy and when dieting may increase lean muscular mass and lower body fat levels when combined with an appropirate training program and calorie/macro nutrient controlled diet.  This product may have ingredient banned by certain sporting federations and as such could cause positive test results to banned substances. 

This product contains capsmax and can cause side effects, please ready labels prior to use.  Due to multiple ingredients that have been shown to cause thermogenesis and also increase heart rate, this formulat may not be recommended if you are being medicated or treated for heart issues or any other medical issues, therefore you should not use reclaim if being treated for blood pressure, thyriod issues, stroke, any heart related conditions, any disorder related to the liver or kidneys, please read label in full prior to use.

Take 1 scoop of Outbreak Reclaim mixed with 250ml water upon waking for best results take before a light meal


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