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Skipping Breakfast May Not Be Bad For Weight Loss After All or Is It?

A new study questions the long-held notion that skipping breakfast is inherently bad for our health or at least for our weight. Though earlier studies have found correlations between breakfast-eating and better health outcomes, few studies have put it to the test in randomized clinical trial. Keep in mind that the study only looked at weight outcomes not at any other aspect of health, like cardiovascular or metabolic health. So, the take-home message is that skipping breakfast may be OK for weight loss over a short time period, but it affects health overall.

The study had over 300 overweight and obese participants consume diets that included either eating or skipping breakfast.

At the end of the study, the two groups, the breakfast-eaters and breakfast-skippers, both lost about the same amount of weight. The study did not state if it was Fat Mass or Muscle that was lost. It has been proven that skipping meals will cause muscle loss while eating regularly will promote fat loss.

We should try to understand why eating or skipping breakfast did not influence weight loss over a short period of time, eating breakfast shows evidence that will influence appetite and metabolism.  It's well known to affect metabolism by slowing it down, since it forces the body to stay in a fasting state for a longer period of time. A study has also found that skipping breakfast was linked to coronary heart disease, presumably because the extra time fasting leads to a rise in a group of factors that together increase heart risk. "Prolonged fasting, leads to increases in diastolic and systolic blood pressure, blood concentrations of insulin, triglycerides, free fatty acids and LDL-cholesterol, and to decreases in blood concentrations of HDL-cholesterol.

Basically eating breakfast is better for our health in many ways.

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